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This demo site using django-comments-xtd features:

  1. A Blog App with two models: Story and Quote, each of which accepts comments up to a maximum threading level of 3
  2. A Projects App with two models: Project and Release. Only the Release model has comments. And comments can be nested up to a maximum level of 1.
  3. Settings for comment thread levels establish a default maximum thread level for comments posted to every app in the project, and then define a specific maximum for the app.model projects.release:
    	COMMENTS_XTD_MAX_THREAD_LEVEL_BY_APP_MODEL = {'projects.release': 1}
  4. It uses the template tag render_markup_comment to render comments content. So you can use line breaks, markdown or reStructuredText to format comments. To use special formatting, start the comment with the line: #!<markup-lang> being <markup-lang> any of the following:
  5. Comments allow follow up notifications.
  6. Comments have to be confirmed by email (unless COMMENTS_XTD_CONFIRM_EMAIL is set to False).
  7. Unlike the two simple demo sites, several models in this demo receive comments. So it uses two new templatetag, get_xtdcomment_count andrender_last_xtdcomments, to count and produce a feed of comments posted to blog models:
    	{% get_xtdcomment_count as comment_count for blog.story blog.quote %}
    	{% render_last_xtdcomments 5 for blog.story blog.quote %}

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